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Punished was written by Victor Rios and published in 2011. Rios wrote the book to chronicle the challenges young black and Latino boys faced within their improvised, highly criminalized neighborhoods. Rios grew up in Oakland, California and lived in the ghettos, mainly a poor, minority community; he was also a gang member involved in his fair share of trouble. Rios began looking for answers to the plights he and his community endured after the murder of his friend while they ran from a rival gang member. A conversation with the police whom Rios claimed told him they wanted the gangs to kill each other off, made him seek answers to the prevalence of violence that plagues poor populations.
Rios wants others to realize that mutual understanding of an individual’s life and society’s history was paramount to understanding the breakdown that leads to community violence and criminalization of young minority boys from improvised neighborhoods. Criminalizing the people living in these communities meant misinterpreting their plights and code of ethics, the way they handled struggles. Rios did what the research world considers ethnographic research; he went into the field, observed for himself the lives of 40 black and Latino boys, and chronicled his findings. Rios’ observations exposed the boys being hyper-criminalized followed by over policing and stigmatization. To illustrate this, when a research subject and Rios were eating tacos from a truck one day, police officers drove up,…

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