Summary Of Bapsi Sidhwa's An American Brat

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The prime objective of this critique is to highlight the various issues related to cultural divergence that Bapsi Sidhwa has dealt with in her fourth novel ‘An American Brat’. An American Brat contrasts the status of women in the Third World and First World countries through a female character Feroza who migrates from Pakistan to America where she finds herself tempted for an inter-community marriage. An assortment of elements such as diaspora, self assertion, female characterization, migration experience and inter cultural marriage are touched upon. How an individual from the Third world suffers, adjusts and lives in the First World is brought to limelight. The paper also shows the impact of dominating American culture on the values and belief system of people from the Indian Subcontinent. The problem of cultural shock is exposed along with the possible conclusion. The paper evaluates the story of a girl who changes herself from a dependent and shy girl to an independent, self-determining and self confident woman. The conclusion hints at the feminist self affirmation.
Keywords: Diaspora, First & Third World, Cultural Difference, Migration, Feminist
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Initially she gets bamboozled by the American life style. But she overcomes her dilemma and drenches herself in colorful lifestyle of the First World. She shows her impatience at the inspection of the custom officer on reaching America. Each and every item of her luggage is inspected and a lot of rude questions are asked to her. She feels frustrated at this callous behavior. Here the novelist describes the first experience of an immigrant. Later Manek reprimands her for the way she behaved with the custom officer. Feroza gets enchanted by the glorious and glamorous city New York. The incredible city lights, shopping malls, etc. excite

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