Summary Of ' Arthur Of The Great Gatsby ' By F. Scott Fitzgerald

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Arthur was fuming. Gaius had been as evasive as ever and made excuses to be elsewhere. Answering his king 's questions certainly wasn 't his priority. If Arthur had been his father, he might have threatened Gaius with the dungeons or at the very least, given him a severe reprimand. If they had been in Camelot, he would have forced the issue. Muttering curses, Arthur made a promise to himself to get answers when they did return to Camelot.

For the time being, however, they were still in an allied kingdom and in an effort to keep the peace, he bit his tongue. Leon had found him before he had lost his temper and the older knight 's quiet demeanor helped Arthur to rein himself in.

He walked alongside Leon, while Gaius trailed behind them towards the Great Hall. Rodor had finally made a decision regarding Merlin 's fate and Arthur was hopeful that Merlin 's previous heroics had earned his servant some leniency, if only to return home and face the consequences Arthur had in store for him.

Merlin was already standing in front of the throne where King Rodor was seated, when they entered. Mithian stood at her father 's side, her eyes downcast with a mangled handkerchief in her wringing hands. Unlike Uther 's, or even Arthur 's gatherings, the room was empty of councilmen, knights and lords. Only those with a personal stake had been allowed to attend the proceedings.

Rodor nodded toward a nearby chair, just below the dais, for Arthur to sit. Arthur smiled pleasantly, though…

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