Summary of Andrea Smith "Conquest" Essay

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Chapter 1, Sexual Violence as a Tool of Genocide, discusses the history of and gives us an introduction to genocide. The author talks about the treatment of bodies, in particular Native bodies, and how colonial thought and theory regards Native people as inherently “rapable” and “violable,” a colonial conviction that stretches past the physical bodies of Natives, to Native independence and lands as well. She explains that patriarchy is the foundation by which power is established over Native women's bodies because hierarchal, patriarchal authority and control systems of society are seldom found within native societies. Europeans, on the other hand, have long depended on these methods to suppress and infuse fear into their people. …show more content…
Chapter 5, “Natural Laboratories:” Medical Experimentation in Native Communities addresses the abuse of Native populations through medical testing and drug trials. Historically Native American populations have been used to test potentially unsafe and untried medical technology while being subjected to the medical research practices and Western medical approaches to infectious disease prevention. In this chapter the use of Native communities in drug trials and experimental medical techniques is explained, by Smith, because "Native people have been seen as rapable because they resemble animals to the colonizers" and animals are less than human. The medical trialing carried out on Native bodies is suggested as additional examples of the multifaceted nature of sexual violence and state-sponsored violence against native peoples.

Chapter 6, Spiritual Appropriation as Sexual Violence is an introduction to why spiritual appropriation can be a form of sexual violence. This chapter posits that spiritual/cultural appropriation of Native beliefs and traditions of all forms constitutes a power struggle and bodies are discussed more in terms of world view than in their physical forms and demonstrates that the genocide of American Indians “operates not only on the physical but on spiritual and psychic levels as well”. Little importance

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