Summary Of ' About Time A Love Story ' Essay

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About Time A Love Story
As an avid fan of “chic flicks,” I was actually excited to watch the movie, “About Time.” The movie starts with what seems to be a nerdy man who lives with his odd family members. Tim says he personally has always been “to tall, to skinny, and to orange.” I can definitely relate to having a strange family. Growing up we never really had any dull moments, and now that I have kids of my own, it has carried on with me.
Tim, who is the main character of the movie, has a really hard time with the ladies. He attends a yearly New Years party with his friends and family, which he dreads. While at the party, it is clear a woman is interested in him and wants to have a kiss at midnight. Tim with his awkwardness ruins the moment and goes in for a handshake. The next morning, he wakes with regret and a hangover. Who cannot relate to wishing you could go back and handle things in a different way? I feel for Tim and for any guy really, they have the hard position because they are normally the one who is expected to make the first move. I remember my first moments with the opposite sex and it is so scary.
His sister informs him his father needs to talk to him. I love the way she says it; it made me smile and think of my own family. “Get up stupid dad wants you, oh, hello sexy pajamas.” He walks to his father’s office and what he is told will change his life forever. Tim’s father informs him that the men in his family are able to travel back in time. Although it is…

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