Matthew Fenstra Case Study

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This is the introductory essay of a young man who calls Harriston, Ontario home. Matthew Feenstra, a product of Midwestern Ontario was born and raised by strong beliefs and family traditions which were integrated into many work experiences, hobbies, and interests. His love for agriculture is shown wherever he goes and in whatever he does.

Matthew was born and raised on a family farm in Wyoming, Ontario. The farm was fifteen minutes from Sarnia which is a border city to Michigan, U.S.A. Wyoming is a town of about 7600 people with a strong farmer community. The town had all the necessities for family and farm life with a small tractor dealership, feed mill, and a farm based hardware store. A grocery store, bank, and family restaurant added
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This concept was never a problem for Matthew as even to this day he would rather work and get his hands dirty before doing anything else. The first work experience that Matthew had was doing chores on the family farm. These chores included everything bedding pens with his dad to combining with grandpa. After the family moved into the town of Harriston, the work didn 't stop there for Matthew as he made his own business of cutting lawns throughout the town. Purchasing an old lawnmower at a garage sale and his first jerry can full of gas, Matthew was off to work. He was known as the kid who cuts all the lawns in town. While cutting lawns, Matthew also helped many farmers around the area bale and stack little square bales in barns, pick stones, and repair or tear down old grain bins. On weekends Matthew continued to go with his father to the feedlot. One day while watching his dad process cattle with another employee, Matthew seen a job that needed to be done and he went and did it. After the owner of the feedlot learned that the job was completed by Matthew, a job was offered. The owner wasn 't sure if he was allowed to hire a ten year old for full time summer work but Matthew didn 't care. Since than every weekend, summer, days off from school, and some days that there was school, Matthew was found on the farm working. Every new year came with more work and responsibilities which allowed him to expand his knowledge of agriculture. Matthew has also held other job positions at different companies such as a RV/trailer sales place where he worked after school for a few years during high school. He also completed a high school CO-OP term at a Construction Company that specializes on concrete work for sewage treatment facilities where he learned two things: hitting your thumb with a hammer hurts and that 50 yards of

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