Essay on Summary Of ' A Thousand Splendid Sun '

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A Thousand Splendid Sun It all started in a city called Herat. Where Mariam a daughter born from sin and shame came about. From a wealthy married man name Jahlil and one of the housekeepers of his palace name Nana. Nana and as she would say her harami-bastard child name Mariam lived in the outskirts of a town called Gul Daman in a small Kolb mad of sun-dried bricks straw and mud. Although Mariam didn 't have much of a father or a level-headed mother. She had a great mentor name Mullah Faizullah he was an elderly village Koran tutor who taught Miriam how to read and practices her prayers. In the year of 1974, Miriam just turned 15 years slowly her world unfolded leaving her with no mother because she committed suicide. To later be forced to marry by her father and her stepmother to a 45-year-old shoemaker name Rasheed from a town city called Kabul. Leaving her like of disappointments behind still grieving over her mother and heartbroken by her father’s choices she tried to see the bright side in her new life. The town of Kabul was way different from the villager way she was raised being in a house having amenities and a young wife was great. Until it all started crumbling down not being able to with a child her world slowly turns upside with random abuse from her husband. Like that one particular moment, he didn’t like her rice so to prove how her rice was he decided to force cold hard pebbles in her mouth and told…

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