Summary Of ' A Royal Council With Its Functions Of Deliberation And Information Gathering

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According to Mirin Rubin “Parliament in this period was an expanding and evolving version of a royal council with its functions of deliberation and information gathering,(…)’ .For, Margery was proud of her father. She felt superior to many people because of her background. Despite the fact that she recognized her bad behaviors, it was difficult for her to let go this nature. She declared that the things she initiated, were a failure in the short or long term. This observation made people think that God wanted to punish her because of her attitude or that there was a curse on her. Facing these difficulties, Margery repented from her sins “(…) she asked God for mercy, and forsook her pride, her covetousness, and the desire that she had for worldly dignity (…).” She experienced another spiritual sign that totally changed her life. While she was sleeping, she heard a sweet melody from heaven. She resented as if this melody transported her into heaven. After this experience, Margery declared to have lost all sexual desire. According to her, their couple was called to live chastity because of their ordinate love. She presents sexual relations almost as a sinful act, which could offend God. Her biography presents how engage Margery was in living a virtuous life. After her husband was convinced to make the chastity vow, she completely dedicated herself to spiritual activities. Both prayers and fasting were key elements of her daily routine. She was aspiring more and more to a…

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