Summary Of ' A Raisin Of The Sun ' From The Poem ' Dream Deferred ' By Langston Hughes

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Tori Robinson
April 2, 2015
A Dream to Come True Lorraine Hansberry was an African American Playwright and civil rights activist. Ms. Hansberry was also the first African American women to write a play that were performed on Broadway. “A Raisin in the Sun” can be considered a significant milestone for African American in the United States. Lorraine Hansberry attains the title “A Raisin in the Sun” from the poem “Dream Deferred” written by Langston Hughes. Both poets Lorraine Hansberry and Langston Hughes were tired of the stereotypical roles for African Americans. They both wanted to see African Americans portrayed in positive roles. Focusing on the dream that one day an African American family would be able to purchase a house. The play “A Raisin in the Sun” is about a black family “The Youngers” living in poverty in small apartment on the South Side of Chicago. The Youngers strive to move to an all-white suburb house in Clybourne Park which is the only area they can afford. They want to live out the American dream. Hansberry focuses on the American Dream and the African American dream to demonstrate racial differences in America. The American Dream is success, money and owning your own home. The African American dream is the struggle for equality. Ms. Hansberry family was considered middle class; however she grew up in a time when racism was prevalent. It did not matter if African Americans were wealthy, there was race inequality. She translated…

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