Summary Of ' A Guy Named Boy ' Essay

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Here is a quick summary of the whole book. A guy named Boy Willie and another guy named Lymon came to Pittsburgh from Mississippi looking to sell watermelons. He had a truck full of them. The two go into Boy Willie’s uncle, Doaker house (It’s around 5:00 in the morning). Eventually, Boy Willie starts talking about his great plan about how he is going to sell watermelons and the family’s piano to buy the land which his family was once enslaved in (Stutter’s land). Since Stutter died, Boy Willie really wants the land to be his. Since the piano is very valuable to the family and her, Bernice (who is Boy Willie’s sister), does not want to sell the piano at all. After Boy Willie, Lymon, and Doaker finish talking for a while, they hear Bernice yelling from upstairs. Bernice explains that she saw Stutter’s ghost saying Boy Willie’s name. As the story goes on Doaker eventually reveals the story behind the piano, and why Bernice is so close to it, and why it’s so important to her. Bernice and Boy Willie’s great-grandfather carved the family’s history on the piano, and Doaker also reveals that Bernice and Boy Willie’s father died because of the piano. The tension between Bernice and Boy Willie continues on rising throughout the story (play). On one hand Although Bernice doesn’t play the piano anymore because it brings back painful, heartbreaking memories, she thinks that selling the Piano is a bad idea, it’s like giving up an important piece of the family. On the other hand, Boy…

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