Summary Of ' A Dead Body Seems '

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Chapter Twenty-One
The Answer Was Right under Our Noses

The answer came two days later, clearly stamped on Seth’s pale face. “Twist found something.”
“A dead body perhaps?” After solving the Sade Stone caper, a murder would put the Deadwood Detective Agency’s name on everyone’s lips.
“I’m not sure,” he said.
“He wants us to meet him at Wallington Hall.” He scraped back his lawn chair and jogged down the front porch steps. A minute later, he was headed across the yard on his faded blue bicycle. I caught up with him just outside the gate. We coasted beneath clumsy clouds like white giants with colorless hearts and a lurid sun that caressed our cheeks.
By the time we reached the mansion, it was noon and the weather had radically changed. The sky was now a greenish hue, the air hung still and deadly and heavy moisture weighed upon my skin. Suddenly thunder boomed, and tendrils of fearsome gray lightning zigzagged to the ground.
“Let’s get inside before it rains,” Seth said, slinging his bike beneath a tree.
We threaded between a few windswept shrubs and pushed open the door. Twist was in the hall motioning to us frantically with his finger. “Come on.”
“Is the victim in the parlor?” I asked him.
He looked annoyed. “There is no victim.”
“You need to read rule seventy-five in the Deadwood Detective manual: patience is critical for agents tying up a difficult, slow-moving case.”
I crossed the room and started up the creaky steps, but stopped when I came eyeball-to-eyeball

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