Summary Of A Christmas Carol

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A Christmas Carol

Have you ever heard of a book called “A Christmas Carol”? Well if you haven’t keep reading and if you have still keep reading you might learn something. A Christmas Carol was originally a book written by Charles Dickens in 1843. In the book he is visited by his former Business partner (after his business partner died) because he is being warned that three ghosts are going to come, one showing the past, one the Present, and one the future. The book has had many Movies, Books, and Plays based off of it Like The Muppets Christmas Carol, A Christmas Carol the Play, and A Christmas Carol The Movie.

Scrooge Conversation starts to kick into motion when he is visited by the goat of Christmas past who, by his name shows Scrooge
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First he is shown Mr. Cratchit’s household and he sees that he is a loving father (Scrooge hats kids) and he is happy (even though he is poorer than most people Scrooge knows which surprises him) and at dinner he is shown toasting “Mr. Scrooge” but his wife gets angry because she doesn’t like Scrooge and she just says that she toast of Scrooge’s good health only so that her husband get keep his job. Right there Scrooge can see that Bob is a nice guy, but his family doesn’t like Scrooge at all. and are only wishing that he goes on for Bob’s sake. Next he is shown his nephew's house where he can easily see that they are playing games and mocking Scrooge when they play a game similar to fill in the blank once they say “As cheep as a _____.” and someone says “Scrooge!” and everybody starts laughing except for Scrooge’s Nephew who will not mock his uncle. So now we can see that his nephew is the only one that still cares about Scrooge. (which also gets him right there … pointing at my heart again.) By those two things he is shown Scrooge starts to realize how bad of a person he really. Then Scrooge says “I am ready to go home now … wait have you gotten much old?” Ghost of Christmas present “yes for I only last one day and that day is today and today is almost over.” then two kids come from under

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