Summary Of ' A Child Called ' It ' Essay

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A Child Called "It"
"About this time, Mom 's behavior began to change radically. At times while Father was away at work, she would spend the entire day lying on the couch, dressed only in her bathrobe, watching television. Mom got up only to go to the bathroom, get another drink or heat leftover food. When she yelled at us, her voice changed from the nurturing mother to the wicked witch." (Pelzer 30).
Early in the novel, this is just the beginning for Dave. The sweet, fun mother he once had changed drasticly. When she was mad, she wasn 't so focused on Dave himself, but when she yelled, she yelled at Dave and his little brothers. This is when Dave started realizing his life is changing by how his mother has changed. Soon Dave starts to miss all the holiday traditions him and his family had like setting up the christmas tree together. Dave doesn 't wake up seeing his smiley, full of energy mom he used to have, but now a mom that punishes Dave for no reason. He didnt quite understand, and just wanted his old mom back.

"As a small child, I realized Mom was as different as night and day when Father was home from work. When Mother fixed her hair and put on nice clothes, she seemed more relaxed. I loved it when Dad was home. It meant no beatings, mirror treatments or long searches for her missing things. Father became my protector." (Pelzer 32).
Dave realizes now he is not getting his old mom back. Each morning she wakes up with a miserable face and ready to yell at Dave for…

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