Summary: Lincoln Institution Indian School

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1) Page 265 shows a picture of an Indian school called Lincoln Institution Indian Department. This school was to eradicate the Indian culture by teaching them American and European ways of life. This shows a cruel act by the United States because the Indian population was in this continent first and this is their land, that we took away from them. This picture illustrates that their culture and lifestyle were not acceptable in that society and, for this reason, we force them to abandon their religion, language, and their styles of dress. However, the establishment of the Indian school was an inhume crime by the United States because forces them to change their orientation of life that was original
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"The triangular trade linked Europe, Africa, and the Americas economically." The North America export sugar, tobacco, rice, and cotton to Europe and exchange of black African slave and textile, rum, and manufactured goods. One reaction to the triangular trade picture is that American used to Lynch, the African slave because of their skin color and their culture. During the slavery years, the American majority population also was afraid that the colored people would take their land. These were a justification of the mass lynching across the United States; But the African slave did not deserve the blamed because the whites when to Africa, their native country and took them like if they were animals or property to make them do the hard work whites did not do. Nowadays, they are Freeman and women, and have all the right the Constitution granted us as human. The United States of America will always be their land because their work those land as a slave for many generations so that their generations have the freedom the whites took from …show more content…
The first photo shows that the whites people treated their slave as a pig and did not have any consideration that they were human as same as them. The man in the photo was a slave from the American South, and his scars show that they were exploited for the whites man wealth. Furthermore, the second photo is a clear demonstration how George Washington got his wealth because he depended on slave labor for his plantation. However, the photo does not show a bad representation on how the slave were treated instead the photo presents the black African slave working with the white people together. The nature of slavery this painting promote a more friendly slavery, were a slave can have the basic freedom to work more efficient without the brutal

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