Essay on Summary : ' Liberation From The Affluent Society '

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Herbert Marcuse- Marcuse, Herbert. “Liberation from the Affluent Society.” July 27th 2016 The more money you make, the more likely you are to spend more. For us to be able to survive in our modern society we are enslaved to working every day to survive or live a certain lifestyle. The debate for the need to raise the middle class always seems to forget the lower class, for every election in North America we hear politicians argue about strengthening the middle class. Can a society have a middle class and not have a lower class, why are we stuck in this political dilemma and is there a chance we can be liberated from this dilemma? This is discussion tries to understand the idea of liberation, because liberation serves to focus on the need for changes within a certain environment. Possible places one can be liberated from are, emotional relationship, political relationship, sexual relationship and societal engagement. My most fascinating topic to discuss is a bit personal and it focuses on emotional relationship, but this can also serve as a master narrative to liberation from an affluent society discussed in Marcuse. “But knowledge of the mechanisms of manipulation or repression, which go down into the very unconscious of man, is not the whole story” (pg 77) this is because, man or woman are both affected by several outside factors that can become mechanisms to oppression. An example of such mechanism is the since in both male and female students who take 3 classes and at…

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