Essay on Summary : ' It 's Only Fair '

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Konczal, M. (2014). It 's only fair. In this article by Konczal, the author provided the practical application of an increase in the minimum wage, by indicating that federal policy makers are seeking common grounds on how to increase the minimum wage to a certain amount. However, state and local policy, makers a seeking higher wages than the federal wage increase. Additionally, since the 1990s an increase in the minimum wage does not show much adversity towards the unemployment levels as some policy makers indicates. While the increase in wages for the workforce will affect the CPI by increases, still the prices for products depends on supply and demand. Furthermore, some individuals are willing to pay extra for products that need, only if their wages are increased. The bottom line is, people are more inclined to do more if they are gaining more. By increasing the minimum at a small portion, will help reduce the poverty level of many households.

Coburn, B. and Jackson, K. (2015). Department of Labor issues proposed rule to amend overtime regulations.

According to their article, Coburn & Jackson pointed out that the Department of Labor (DOL) is working on an updated Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), to modify the exemptions of overtime, which will help with the minimum wage. With the new proposed policy, the minimum will be increased with little side effect to the unemployment levels. However, due to the time frame DOL have to work with for the new policy, there are…

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