Essay about Summary : ' Heroin '

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Heroin It is eight a.m. and she has been up for hours at this point. The diarrhea is uncontrollable and her stomach is killing her. She needs to vomit again. Her bed is covered in sweat. Her body feels hot, but she is freezing cold. Her hands are shaking because she is a nervous wreck. Her legs are restless and her entire body aches as if she had been run over by a semi. She feels weak, both physically and mentally. She has been crying all night because she hates herself. Her addiction is the reason her daughter was taken from her and given to her mother. Most of her family and friends now disown her. At this point, she is debating if everyone, including herself, would benefit from her suicide. The only reason she had not taken her own life already was out of fear of her daughter growing up without her mother. Jenny was dope sick, suffering from heroin withdrawal. The last time she had shot up was about two days ago. It is her daughter Abby’s ninth birthday and her party is at two p.m. Although she is trying to quit and get her life back on track to regain custody of her daughter, there is no way she was going to make it to that party unless she buys some dope. She needs at least a cap just to be somewhat functional. She glances at her last twenty dollars lying on the dresser and tells herself, “just one last fix and I am done for good”. That statement proved to be true because four hours later, when Jenny’s mother went to pick her up for the party, she was found in her…

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