Summary: Fresh Off The Boat

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They say that every person has their own ‘type’ of tv shows. Some may be comedy, romance or tragedies. Although every person has a different type, I think Fresh Off the Boat is a show for anyone. I recently watched a sitcom called Fresh Off the Boat. I didn’t know what to think about this show at first, but then it slowly caught my attention due to the comedy and actors.

Fresh Off the Boat is a comedy series broadcasted on ABC network. It is about Eddie, an 11-year-old hip hop lover, and his immigrant family in America who struggles with fitting and acclimate to their new, strange surroundings. Eddie’s dad, Louis, follows his dream by opening a restaurant. It was the main reason why Eddie and his family moved from Orlando from the Chinatown part of Washington in the first place. The cast from Fresh Off the Boat includes Hudson
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The music sounds like it was from the 90’s. There was also a repetition of Eddie’s feelings. He felt like he wasn’t supported by his family. His opinions were different from the rest of his family’s but in the end , his family stood up for him after the fight that he had. This work was mainly focused at school and how Eddie felt the need of changing his personality to fit in. The relationship between these characters is that they are all family.

This show was funny and i enjoyed that it made me smile. It reminded me of jokes or stereotypes that people have said before. Although this show was really funny, there were some parts that you had to really understand to get the depth of the meaning. In the end, it taught a lesson, like many other shows and/or stories. Family may seem like they are against your side or that they don’t understand, but in the end, they will be the ones on your side. They are supposed to be beside you and it showed in the show, that Eddie will have his family no matter

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