Summary : Financial Markets From The View Of The White House Essay

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Financial Markets
Introduction - Summary In summary this episode covered the financial market from the viewpoint of the White House, the internal interactions and what was occurring behind the scenes. Unknown to Americans what was truly happening to our financial well-being.
We have a situation in which we had brilliant minds working at the White House charge with the job of keeping the financial market stabilized for the American people. They were also responsible to increase the wealth of Americans thus increasing the financial strength of the United States. Their brains power went into overdrive in how they foresaw the financial security, instead it turned into a personal vendetta of their own well-being. At some point they became blind as to possible flaws and were unwilling to see or consider other viewpoints to further ensure the security of the citizens of the United States. After viewing this episode, I was infuriated that this type of behavior occurred. I cannot begin to express my disappointment in these people that is supposed to look out for our government and financial security. I feel badly for Ms. Brooksley Born, she truly saw the flaws that this group could not. It turned into men acting like preschoolers because they saw the wealth that could be created versus a healthy wealth that could have been created for the United States. How could the President of the United States put so much faith into one person or “secret” group of men to take care of the…

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