Summary : ' Balls Of Fire ' Essay

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The Beginning
Balls of fire were seen being thrown from east to west north and south breaking into friskers of pieces, toasted to and fro a non inhabiting void and this was known as the beginning.
Before the existence of everything there was nothing, nothing before the God of all Gods who was birthed by no one; “THE SELF EXISTING ONE” decided to put his power into creating and conjuring of offspring for Himself.
Day and night He worked alone incubated in His mind was what He wanted to create, having every bit and piece put in the rightful place making sure no mistake is made since He is not capable of making one.
Fireballs were released from His arm into the empty vacuum of Zippo and carried along weight and wind, melting even the hemisphere by the heat emancipating from it forming raining shackles of un wet dry pieces accumulating and regimenting forming what was first called soil. The soil was good and meant for a purpose but nothing was found on it, it was empty yet large still all the same God had a plan.
He breath upon soil known as earth also and it broke into pieces and there were the formation of holes, deep holes that divided the earth like into segments of valleys as in high lands and low lands.
He looked down on the earth and found that something was missing, quickly was seen a rising storm orchestrating from His mighty hands carrying what was first unknown but it filled the space created by His breath and it was referred to as water.…

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