Essay on Summary : ' Angel With A Shotgun '

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Journal - Kc Adams
1. Give a full description of where the issue discussed was observed.
This is a song that I have listened to for several years. I liked it when I was younger, so I bought it, but I have never looked closely at the lyrics before now.
2. Give a brief statement as to why this issue was chosen.
I chose this song because the title of the song itself "Angel With a Shotgun" feels like an issue immediately and because I wanted to look closer to see how the image of an Angel and the connotations to that term are used in the song.
3. Summarize the particular issue and the position presented in the observed forum.
The issue presented in this song is that the singer presents himself as an "Angel With a Shotgun" who will protect the person he is singing to. The song is full of contrasts like this, including references to sin, belief, heaven and other biblical terms despite it being a very secular song.
4. Present a critical review and/or response to the way the issue was presented. a. Identify the fundamental and/or worldview assumptions of the position.
The fundamental worldview assumption in this song seems to be very humanistic with a religious facade.
b. Identify any inconsistencies or incoherence present in the observed forum (e.g. a relativist who demands justice)
The singer states several times that despite his being a believer he will "throw away his faith" to keep the person he is singing to safe. He also…

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