Summary Of Paul's Case By Willa Cather

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In the story “Paul’s Case,” the author Willa Cather refers to a boy named Paul. He lived in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania with his dad. He did not like his teachers, the town he lived in nor his house on Cordelia street. He wanted to be around beautiful things and have fancy clothes. Paul only wanted to work in the Carnegie Hall; However, he did not want to be an actor, but he wanted to be around that kind of people. He knows he does not fit in and he dreamed of traveling abroad and getting out of Pittsburgh.
In this story, we will talk about a young man named Paul. Paul lived in a small town with his father. His mother had passed away when he was younger. He seemed to be very unappreciative for what his dad or teachers did for him. Moreover, the boy did not like his bedroom, bathroom or even the floor. He preferred to go into their basements, some nights to keep from sleeping in his room, and he hated rats. Paul had never been afraid of anything, and the guy never seemed to be happy. He was a thin boy, but his clothes were undersized for him. However, they were not dirty.
Paul had become very disruptive at school. Furthermore, he wanted to make the teachers feel uncomfortable, and he did not want to learn. Paul told the class how he planned to go on a trip and get out of Pittsburgh. He was definitely a visionary and his
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Once the salesman seen the cash, he helped him with his clothes purchase. He bought two of the most elegant suits, silk ties, winter coat and underclothes and a red robe. He asked to wear one of the dress suits and the winter coat, and the salesman allowed him to do that. He left and went to a shoe store and bought some beautiful dress shoes and boots. Then, he went to a luggage store to buy a charming set of luggage. Paul even stopped at Tiffany’s to buy a tie tack. As a matter of fact, he was living a life of

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