Sula Peace Character Analysis

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Sula Peace was considered to be a horrendous woman and many people in the town did not get along with her. They did not like what she stood for and did not like how she acted around others, however, Shadrack was a different matter. He cared for her and was genuinely disheartened when she died. That is why when Sula Peace dies, the townspeople are affected by her death significantly.
When Sula Peace dies, there is almost a weight lifted off the townspeople’s shoulders. The people of the town did not like her nor did they enjoy her presence. Sula’s death was “the best news folks up in bottom had had since the promise of work at the tunnel” (Page 150). Through Sula’s death things were looking up again for the townspeople. People had work in the
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Without Sula in the townspeople’s lives, they became rather irritable and resentful to anyone in town. When Sula first came to the town and acted like she was better than anyone else there, this gave most people the reason to prove Sula wrong and to just be a better person than she could ever be. For example, the mother’s in Medallion quickly became ruthless and uncaring towards their children. Before Sula came back, Teapot’s mother was a drunken mess who never cared for her son. However, when Sula was seen “pushing” Teapot down, this sparked Teapot’s mother to start acting like a real mom. In spite of this change, Teapot’s mother quickly goes back to being a neglectful mother once Sula died. Consequently when Teapot refused to eat his mother’s food, his mother reacted with anger, “This keenest of insults that a mother can feel, the rejection by a child of her food, bent her into a fury and she beat him [Teapot] as she had not done since Sula knocked him down the steps” (Page 153). Teapot’s mother only cared when Sula was involved because she saw how her child was being abused by someone else and she most likely just wanted to put up a front as being a caring mother. Rather than actually caring for her child with genuine love, like any mother would, Teapot’s mother does it because she has to show that she is better than Sula. Regarding this, it …show more content…
Daughters who had complained bitterly about the responsibilities of taking care of their mother-in-laws had altered when Sula locked Eva away, and they began cleaning those old women’s spittoons without a murmur. Now that Sula was dead and done with, they returned to a steeping resentment of the burdens of old people” (Page 153-154). This scene just goes to show that the women never really cared about their mother-in-laws. They just cared for them to show to the townspeople how horrid Sula is and to show that they are better than her. The women used Sula’s mistakes as a way of showing how they are superior to Sula and to show how heartless Sula was. When in reality, they really were not any better than Sula and should stop pretending that they are. Being a fake is no better than what Sula had done. Because at least Sula was truthful with her actions, whereas these women did it to one up Sula and right after she died they went back to being heartless just like

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