Essay Suicide : The Suicide Rate Of The Usa

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Ashley Purdy once said, “Suicide isn’t cowardly I’ll tell you what is cowardly; treating people so badly that they want to end their lives.” Suicide is one of the top leading causes of death in the United States; some questions asked about suicide are “Why does suicide occur?” “What is the downfall of suicide?” “What are some ways doctors have come up with to deal with suicidal thoughts?” “What do religions say about suicide?” and lastly “What do families do to deal with suicide?” Suicide is used as a way to get out of a situation that the person thinks cannot be solved, to end sadness, depression, anger, and hurt. I believe that we can cut the suicide rate of the USA in half if we learn the statistics and have the knowledge that it takes to help/deal with someone who is suicidal. If we offered classes that helped give advice and tools to help someone when they are feeling suicidal it could help prevent them from attempting suicide or committing suicide. Some might ask why suicide might occur. A suicide attempt is a clear indication that something is gravely wrong in a person’s life. No matter the age or race of the person; how rich or poor they are, it is true that most people who commit suicide have a mental or emotional disorder. The most common underlying disorder is depression, 30% to 70% of suicide victims suffer from major depression or bipolar (manic-depressive) disorder. Common explanations often given for suicide are that the person must have been lonesome,…

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