Suicide : The Most Common Reason Someone Would Contemplate Suicide

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The most common reason someone would contemplate suicide would a form of a mood disorder. That also includes with or without alcoholism or substance abuse problem, it could also include certain anxiety disorders. Sometimes when someone is so depressed it can get to the point that they will end their lives. Approximately each year, almost five thousand young children from the ages of fifteen and twenty four commit suicide. With females the biggest factor in suicide is the existence of crucial depression. In some studies conducted have shown that it increases the risk of suicide. The most important thing to look at would be previous suicide attempts which make the risk for suicide even higher. Now with males a previous suicide attempt also increases the probability of suicide. Suicidal adolescents may see a temporary situation as permanent one. After one has had suicidal thoughts it is then followed by depression, unruly behavior and abuse of drugs. Based on some studies they have shown that suicide attempts maybe based on problems from a big event in their life triggering the feeling of suicide. Someone feeling anger and dissatisfaction and guilt can lead the patient to self harming acts. When someone decided to kill themselves it is usually to escape and intolerable problems they may have and believe there is no way of escaping it, that being said it doesn’t mean that they want to die.

The most common reason someone would contemplate suicide would a form of a…

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