Suicide: The Leading Cause And Causes Of Teen Suicide

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What is suicide? Suicide is defined as “the intentional taking of ones life.” The subject is not widely spoken about and is avoided by many because people assume it could never happen to someone close to them. However the depressive truth is that suicide rates have shot up drastically since 1960. Although anyone is capable of committing the act, suicide is more common in adolescence. Suicide is the third leading cause of death in children and the second leading cause of death among college aged teens. Suicide is particularly more frequent in adolescence between the ages of 13-25 due to the various stress triggers they face during that time period. The teenage years are a time of growth and change for teens. This period marks the start of …show more content…
When it comes to mental illness in teens the subject begins to get murky. Often times teens are not aware that the emotions that they are feeling are actual let tale signs of a deeper illness. Teens could be feeling alone, or sad, or afraid but are not sensible enough to realize those are signs of depression and anxiety two serious mental illness that can only be fixed with professional help. Teens who do reach out to their friends or parents are sometimes shut out and are told that those feelings are “normal” everyone has a bad day. The reason for this is because mental illness are a fairly new medical condition and not many people are properly educated on the subject. The lack of knowledge results in teens feelings “trapped” and “alone” and that the only way to escape those feelings is by killing themselves. A large majority of mental illness in teens go unnoticed and untreated leaving them feeling open and vulnerable. A study was ran at the Columbia University where teenagers were brought in to be apart of a large mental health screening. The test was in two parts, a questionnaire and a interview with a professional social workers. In 2005, the program screened 55,000 young people in 42 states. “About one third of kids screened positive on the questionnaire, and one half of those — about 17% — were referred for further evaluation after the clinical interview (Friedman, 2006). The study showed that a substantial …show more content…
However for many students college brings new responsibility such as paying for tuition and stress from tackling more complex subjects. Everyone is bound to face some sort of level of stress during their college career but for some that stress prevails and they need a way out. Stress from school and pressure from parents also result in teen suicide. A study was conducted at the University of Texas where 26,000 undergraduates and graduate students from 70 universities across the country were given an anonymous web survey to provide researchers with the suicidal thoughts and actions of college students. The results of the study were astonishing. “One important finding from students’ self-reports is that suicidal thinking is far more common than has been previously recognized. Over half of college students reported some form of suicidal thinking in their lives. When asked whether they had “ever seriously considered attempting suicide,” 18% of undergraduates and 15% of graduate students endorsed this item. Among those who had seriously considered attempting suicide, 47% of undergraduates and 43% of graduate students had three or more periods of this serious ideation, suggesting that by the time students undergo suicidal crises in college, they are likely to have significant previous experience with suicide. Additionally, 8% of undergraduates and 5% of graduate

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