Suicide : The Best Predictor For Suicide Essay

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When I first joined the class I did not know anything about suicide, and the only reason I joined because all the classes that I wanted to take was already full, and Suicide Response was the most interesting classes left. Joining the class is probably the best decision I have made, not only do I know what to do when a suicide situation arises, but now I have a better chance of identifying if someone is showing signs of completing suicide. I also, now know what actions to take when someones is planning on taking their own life, and can take precautions to ensure that they get the help that they need.

When one encounter someone who is contemplating suicide, it is important to identify the cause of the behavior and the risk factors. Checking if the person have had a previous suicide attempt in the past is the best predictor for suicide. There are also other factors such us mental health disorder, substance abuse, and physical abuse. People who have just been released from the hospital also need to be watched because they are relaxed, and have had a lot of time to think about, and because they just got out of the hospital other people aren’t mindful of them, after all they just got released, and they think that they are healed. Also, individuals with mood disorders such as depression and bipolar are at risk, since mood disorder is the most common elements on all suicide. If there are warning signs of suicide, the best thing to do is to act. Be straight forward with it and…

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