Suicide Squad Essay

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One of the most important factors in movie producers take into account would be the media-centered perspectives. By showing early screenings of soon to be movies they hear feedback from the media and look for what to change in order to make the movie better. Every producer wants the audience to react positively to their films. However, this is not always the case; a recent movie that had one of the largest negative reactions from the audience was Suicide Squad. Many fans were disappointed in the plot, character development, and the overall quality of the film. It appeared as if more “hardcore” fans of DC critiqued the movie harsher than just the typical movie watcher. Perhaps the fact that the movie producer wanted to create a more realistic …show more content…
During my first watch through of the movie, it seemed great and like a solid piece of work. Keep in mind, I am not a “hardcore” DC fan, so for me this movie was just a fun and good movie to watch. However, through the analysis of the audience’s perspective and their reactions I have seen more flaws in the movie that I had originally noticed. At a certain point I found my own perspective on the movie slightly changing. It was adapting to “norm” that the media had created about how the movie was a complete bust. According to Kellner “dominant readings are those in which audiences feel pleasure in the restoration of male power, law and order, and social stability at the end of a film.” (17) Based on this description, it is fitting to the ending of Suicide Squad when the team defeats the Enchantress and her brother, thus saving the world. Many reviews stated that they felt “relief” when the Enchantress was defeated. In fact I also felt that during my first screening of the movie, it was a relief to know that the “good guys” won. Meaning that you could technically describe Suicide Squad as a dominant film. By looking through many reviews, it seems as if my perspective on the movie has broadened and slightly changed as a whole. Which allowed myself to see more parts of the movie, in which I had originally

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