Suicide Rates And Its Effect On Children Essay

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Being a close friend of someone who has attempted suicide is not just a sad story but a scary event to live through. I would like to think that if he/ she knew the correct steps to take to get help all of this could have been prevented. Over the past five years, there has been little attention given to a big problem. Suicide rates have seen an exponential increase. According to Jill Harkay ¨ When we invested in HIV/AIDs and breast cancer we dramatically reduced the rates of death..... if we invest in suicide prevention - really invest - then we have a good shot at bringing it down¨(4). As times are changing the act of committing suicide has rocketed among teenagers between the ages of 10-24. With little prevention and awareness acts put into place there is nothing stopping or helping students receive the correct treatment. Because suicide rates in teens is increasing among today’s youth, schools should help raise awareness about suicides to potentially save lives, inform people about what steps to take to receive help, and realize the attemptees are not alone.

Since 2010 the amount of teen suicides has skyrocketed. Annually the number of youth suicides each year is 4,600(1), while in 2001 there was only 3,971(1). Even though these numbers are extremely alarming very little attention has yet been given to this subject. Suicide is the 3rd leading cause of death alone today in the U.S. (1). In Addition to the suicide rate increasing, annually there are about 157,000 teens…

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