Essay about Suicide Prevention ( Asfp )

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According American Foundation of Suicide Prevention (ASFP) in the United States alone, suicide is the third leading cause of death among fifteen to twenty-four-year-olds and the fifth leading cause of death among five to fourteen-year-olds. These are startling statistics and these statistics make it easy to see why this is a subject of great importance. The number of suicides among children and adolescents are frequently underreported. Others may only identify a death as a suicide if there is conclusive medical evidence and suicide note is present.
Many risk factors may be overlooked as normal teenage behavior, which at times may cause these risk factors to go undetected. Impulsiveness, depression, anxiety and alcohol and drug use are some of the risk factors that may be commonly misidentified as normal teenaged behavior. These frequently go undetected as risk factors for suicide because many adolescents exhibit one or more of these without any suicidal actions. American Foundation for Suicide’s statistics shows that more than 90% of suicide completers had a psychological problem such as major depression, bipolar depression or some other form of depressive illness. It is an issue that is widespread among the teenage population. It is a sensitive topic, and it is not easily discussed. Suicide is preventable, however parents and health care workers need to be aware of warning signs, prevention techniques, and learn how to take immediate action before a young life is lost.

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