Suicide Note Poem Analysis

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In the poem “Suicide Note” by Janice Mirikitani, is about a young girl that is a female college student, who ends up committing suicide by jumping out of her dormitory window. They end up finding her body days later covered in snow which is then when they find the suicide note she left behind, which basically she writes about how she feels like she is not good enough for her parents so it is an apology note. First because she didn 't receive a 4.0 grade point average which is crazy, its like saying your not perfecto so your just not good enough sorry and second she apologizes for not being a boy in her mind if she was a boy her parents would accept her more and be happier. But I feel like this situation should have never happened in the first …show more content…
Also she explains in her sucide note that no matter what she does to try and be the best for her parents it doesn 't matter because she is a girl and can never be there son. For example in the poem Suicide Note she says “ I would swagger through life muscled and bold and Assurd/Drawing praises to me(17-18)”. What she means is she wants all those things but will be difficult because she is not a guy, most guys have broad shoulders, are worthy when it comes to work, and have a swagger and confidence. She just dissent have any of those things, Also she writes “I have worked hard not good enough (29-30). Which shows that she knows that she is worthy and good enough inside but on the outside her parents just don 't quite think so. Through out the poem she writes not good enough, not strong enough and, not smart enough. I noticed that and figured that it has to be her parents constantly telling her those things so of course it got stuck in her head and when something is repeated over and over you end up believing it which is what happened in this case and unfortunately led her to …show more content…
If a child doesn’t have care and love then of course you will start to think about crazy things like suicide. Finally this poem was one huge apology letter for letting her parents down and describing all the things that they say to her like not smart enough, not good enough, and not strong

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