Suicide: Males vs Females Essay

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In a recent study a group wanted to figure out “which gender was more successful in committing suicide and which had more attempts.” The group believed that males would be more likely to commit suicide and women would attempt more without success. In order to collect data that was specifically dealing with suicide rates and attempts, the group decided that a survey would be the best form from a wide variety of audiences. The group would also be able to tap into people’s experience and way of thinking about suicide. The Group surveyed both males and females from the Morgan County area. Nine questions were given to the individuals; questions were kept short, simple, and at an appropriate manner in which the individual wouldn’t feel
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From the data the group collected from the surveys they believed that men have more suicidal thoughts, attempt suicide, and commit suicide more often than the females.

Men and women are both victims in suicide. Some ways are more violent than others. According to “Suicide in the U.S.: Statistics and Prevention” use of firearms have men at fifty-six percent and women at thirty percent. Suffocation was recorded at twenty-four percent for males and twenty-one percent for females. Poisoning was thirteen percent male and topped the charts for women at forty percent. As a whole suicide was the seventh leading cause of death for men. As for women it was the fifteenth leading cause of death in 2007. There were just about four times as many male as there were female that committed suicide. In 2010 a study by “American Foundation for Suicide Prevention” recorded that out of both genders males were at a staggering high of seventy-nine percent and women were just at twenty-one percent. With those percentages there were 30,277 males with a rate of 19.8 that committed suicide. The females were at 8,087 with a rate of 5.0 that committed suicide.
According to the “Australian Bureau of Statistics” suicide rates for males are higher than those of females, but more women than men attempt suicide. The ratio of male to female suicides rose from 2:1 in the 1960s to over 4:1 in the mid-1990s.

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