Essay on Suicide Is A Public Health Problem

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Suicide, a psychiatric phenomenon.
Is suicide a result of high educated society or a consequence of isolation, depression and others risk factors? Suicide is a public health problem. Young and old people, living in countries commit suicide, and sometimes relatives do not know the reason that leads to that sad decision. In the lecture presented by Professor Iván Szelényi, suicide is considered a collective phenomenon associated with towering education level, low integration to society and elevated regulation of behavior. Nevertheless, many studies have shown that suicide risk is closely linked to psychiatric disorders and others risk factors. Then, even though integration to society and regulation of behavior were cited as conditioning factors to suicide, it is simplistic to argue that suicide risk is linked to high education without evaluating another risk factor, as psychiatric diseases.
Professor Iván Szelényi (2011) in the lecture “Durkheim and suicide” explains suicide under the perspective of Emile Durkheim, that performed the first empirical study of social phenomenon with the subject of suicide. According to Professor Szelényi, most of the people tend to consider suicide as a private and personal act, based on individual decision, but not as a result of social factors. The lecturer exposes the suicide intention that varies and depends on the people consciousness with the result of their act, which is the death. Afterwards, Szelényi explains suicide as a collective…

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