Suicide Is A Major Public Health Concern Essay

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According to The World Held Organization website stated that there are 800,000 people die by suicide in the world and the number attempt suicide is uncountable (WHO, 2015). In the U.S, it is estimated that the people die by suicide up to 41,000 which more than twice as the death cause of homicide (NIMH, 2015), about twice as much as murder (Messenger, 2015). In 2012, it was in the second range of the world cause the death at 15 to 29 years old , most of the death by suicide caused not only the suffer to “their family, communities and entire countries” but also “causes the long-last effect on the people left behind” (WHO, 2015). “Suicide is a major public health concern” (NIMH, 2015) and “is a serious public health problem” but it doesn’t mean we can’t stop it – “suicide is preventable” (WHO, 2015). To help reduce the rising rates of suicide cases, it would be beneficial if people know suicide risk factors, warning signs, and prevention methods.
According to National Institution of Mental Health, suicide issue is not happened in any specific group of people (NIMH, 2015) and very hard to figure it out (Peterson, 2014). It is occurred anywhere in all level of society nowadays. However, the main popular “risk factors” which is showed by the completed suicide or “attempt suicide” cases was apprehended in the most features that were shown (NIMH, 2015). Comprehending suicide risk factors will help us have a quick and correct solution when we face with it (Peterson, 2014).
The major…

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