Essay on Suicide Is A Continuing Problem

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Suicide is a continuing problem in the United States. Suicide is one killing himself through various methods. This is mostly due to depression and stress. The suicide rate is increasing again. This is a problem as people are taking their own lives. Many of them have families and an opportunity in life. It is sad to see these people kill themselves especially teenagers who do it for stupid reasons such as relationships. Suicide not only affects the person that killed themselves but also the people around them. People that are suicidal need to get help.
Suicide is the second leading cause of death to people ages between 15 and 34. In 2013, someone in the United States committed suicide every 12.8 minutes. Women are 6 times more likely to attempt suicide than men. However, men are 4 times more likely to succeed. Men tend to use bloodier methods such as shooting themselves, while women use slower methods such as taking pills. People with suicidal thoughts need to be helped because they are not thinking properly and they do not deserve to kill themselves over something not worth it. The loss of a family member to suicide greatly affects people. This is a severe loss to families and friends. This affects the people that they people that they loved. Families can go into depression and this can lead to suicide as well. Many people also have great opportunities to continue on in life. They have a great education or talent but decide to put that to waste. It is sad to see that…

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