Suicide In Romeo And Juliet

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Love is like a double edged sword. One side brings solace, while the other strikes you down. This idea is expressed in Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet. The basic premise of the story is how two families, Montagues and Capulets, have had a feud between them. The next kin of these families, falls in love and must find a way to continue their love. They seek out the help of Friar Lawrence, who devises a complex plan that is doomed to fail. They agree to the plan, however despite the alternatives that could have benefitted them more. In the end both Romeo and Juliet commit suicide in order to stay with each other and the family's feud is ended. Juliet's motivation throughout the story was her love for Romeo, and Romeo's motivation was his love …show more content…
During the play, Romeo goes to the Capulet's mansion for a masquerade. Once there, Romeo meets Juliet and is instantly infatuated. Romeo shortly finds out later that his love is a Capulet and says “O dear account! My life is my foe's debt” (1.4.119). Essentially he says, this is a heavy price to pay! My heart in the hands of my enemy. In this he's found out her true identity. This information is crucial for Romeo to know. Instead of weighing the options of death or the slim chance of actually getting the girl, he foolishly decides to go after her. He later returns to the Capulet's mansion in an attempt to talk to his mistress. Juliet stresses how dangerous this is as “If they do see thee, they will murder thee” (2.2.70) or if any of my kinsman find you, death will be swift. This sets the stage of how dangerous his action which was fueled by love is. Love made him put his life at risk, but he's not the only one. In addition to Romeo being blinded by love, Juliet is just as so. For example, after the party Juliet is up on her balcony talking to herself. She expresses how “Tis but thy name that is my enemy” (2.2.38) which translated into modern English states but it's only your name that is my enemy. Her quick fall into love has her in the same predicament as Romeo. This does not stop her though as she seeks to continue down this road. If she is caught by a Montague, she would …show more content…
Love took two kids, and had them struggle to keep each other. Unfortunately, this is applicable in the real world as well. Love makes people choose bad decisions. A 1979 study by psychologist Dorothy Tennov on the effects of love shows that lovers tend to overestimate the good qualities of their partner, while minimizing their bad qualities, have mood swings, and experience the deep agony of losing one another. The play Romeo and Juliet clearly illustrates these traits and the negative correlation that became of them. It can be said so far as love is addictive, seen in Romeo. Romeo lost his first love, Rosaline, and then craved a new love. Therefore, his addiction to love led him to death. So while love may be nice, it has a dark side, and everyone must be aware of its

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