Suicide Awareness In College Curriculum

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Is Suicide Awareness Missing Form College Curriculum?
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It is ironic that colleges do not incorporate suicide prevention or awareness into the standard curriculum. College’s get into business mode and miss the main focus of their existence, and that is to instruct. The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention statistical report confirms that the majority of the suicides are from the age bracket of college students. The report outlines a few groups for suicides as indicated, “In 2013, adolescents and young adults aged 15 to 24 had a suicide rate of 10.9”. If this is the main age bracket for college students, then there needs to be training. There should be some suicide awareness or prevention seminar hosted during chapel time.
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The famous statement, "We never had a student commit suicide at our college", that will come back to haunt a college if it were to happen without any prevention training. The college would have to incur some cost for the training for the facilitators and time to train the students. Even though, colleges may not have a high statistic of students attempting or committing suicide, but one could argue colleges across the nation have almost the entire age bracket for youth and young adult. Colleges would have to take responsibility for the awareness and training and make it a point for students to take it serious. Top educators populate campuses all over the world; college is where the framework for suicide prevention …show more content…
Colleges provide business statistics as part of the curriculum stating that the class is an important function of a Manager. When I joined the military in 1981, there was not much training in regards to suicide. The 90s rolled in, and the military took a different view on suicides. From that point forward, all sailors were required to attend suicide prevention training. The suicide training includes spotting the signs of depression, reporting procedures to obtain help, and preventing an attempt in the event of coming upon a situation. On the news there is a discussion about the color of lives that matter suicide is not prejudice, America loses lives of every ethnic group every day. God set an example and took mercy on Jerusalem to save a single life, we should follow that example and arm our students with the knowledge to save lives, because ALL lives

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