Analysis Of Catcher In The Rye

Song 1. Logic- 1800-273-8255 feat. Alessia Cara and Khalid The song known as “suicide hotline” was written by logic to spread awareness of depression and mental health disorders as it is something he believes is not talked about enough in today's society. This song starts off talking about the pain of having suicidal thoughts and no longer having the will to live anymore. This connects with Catcher in the Rye as Holden spends much of the book in a depressed state and many times brings up the idea of suicide. However, near the end of the song the lyrics change to wanting to live and no longer feeling the need to die anymore. This represents Holden’s situation as near the end of the book he has his last confrontation with Phoebe and finally …show more content…
A part of the main lyrics talks about wanting to protect and shelter people from these demons. This represents Holden in his role as the catcher. Holden wishes to be a catcher in the rye to protect kids from going off the cliff. What this really means is he wants to protect these kids from losing their innocence and in turn, protect them from their demons.
Song 9. Jay-Z- Young Forever This song represents the idea of always staying young. The main hook brings up the idea of being forever young and this is what the singer wishes the most for. This is almost exactly Holden’s problem since the whole book he deals with the idea of growing up. He wishes not to get to that point and just stay in his childhood. He wants to keep his innocence and not have to grow up into this world he’s beginning to see is a horrid place which is why he wants to be a catcher and protect other kids from the same fate.
Song 10. Eminem- Going Through
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In the song Nav talks about many important subjects such as now he drives solo and when he’s sober he doesn’t like who he is. He also brings up how he now has a lot of enemies that used to be his friends. All of these points end up connecting to Holden’s life. Holden after leaving Pencey like Nav drives solo since he has no one left with him and spends his time wandering through New York alone. Like Nav, Holden during the novel does not enjoy being sober and while he plays it off as trying to be cool and drinking, really he just wants to escape from reality and drink his problems away. Lastly, the enemies line matches perfectly with Holden’s interactions through the book as he continuously ruins relationships he has with others causing them to now hate him like he did with Stradler and

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