Suicide : Causes And Effects Essay

1625 Words Dec 5th, 2016 7 Pages
Suicide is a word no one likes to hear or comprehend. If this word is associated with a loved one, it makes the word much more complicated and grueling. Society tends to shy away from the word and do not like to talk about suicide; this is an issue that people around the world face. No one likes to talk about suicide or the effects and harm it does on those surrounding the person that decides to take their life. The psychological damage and heartache of those who have to deal with the effects of suicide can be harming to anyone. Suicide is so common today, but not many people know what to watch for when a person may be suicidal, or know what to do after a close friend or loved one commits suicide. There are so many resources to help people with suicidal thoughts or those who have lost someone from suicide. Suicide is negatively impacting many individuals in the world today and will continue to take a toll on the lives of those affected, until awareness of the situation and the idea of prevention is brought about.
The first step is asking for help and getting to know some key information about the suicidal tragedy. Suicide is more common than people think. Suicide is the 10th leading cause of death in the US, and approximately 42,773 Americans die from suicide each year (Suicide Statistics). The act of taking one’s own life is caused by many different aspects and emotions in life. The thought that someone was struggling so much in their head or in their life is hard for many…

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