Essay about Suicide Bombers : The Middle East, And Parts Of Africa

1445 Words May 3rd, 2015 6 Pages
Over 40% of suicide bombers are female and come from all over the world (Pape). The most common areas where suicide bombers are present are Russia, the Middle East, and parts of Africa. That isn’t to say that bombers aren’t in other places because they certainly are. These are just the most common areas. Suicide bombers can be anywhere for any reason. Since suicide bombers are no longer living they can’t be asked as to what their motives were. However, countless people speculate as to what is going on inside the minds of these individuals who commit such devastating acts. To do everything possible to stop the mass murder that can be caused, one must understand what is known to drive these actions, whether they be forced or not. Though not possible to find out the exact reasons, some reasons have been speculated to get what is known. The reasons people become suicide bombers vary dependant on their sex and location. People can be committing the same acts across the world, but be in completely different states of mind as to what drives their actions. The Middle East is one of the most complex regions of suicide bombers. One of the most common reasons for detonation in this area is a feeling of abandonment or isolation (West). Generally, males in jail experience this the most (West). They feel forgotten about and left to die. By becoming a bomber he would be dying anyways but this way he is able to take down many people with him. Acting in this way can also get…

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