Suicide As An Act Of Taking One 's Own Life Essay

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Suicide is described as an act of taking one’s own life. The event is tragic and is often met with overwhelming emotional repercussions for the surviving family members and friends. People who commit suicide are in some way dissatisfied with their lives and are trying to escape a situation they deem impossible to cope with. According to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Statistics show that in 2013 (the most recent year with full data) 41,149 people committed suicide, making it the 10th leading cause of death in America. Suicide is a topic that is difficult to fathom let alone discuss, yet it is very real and prevalent. Contributing factors of suicide include the risk factors, the warning signs, those who are more at risk of committing suicide, the effect on surviving family members, and the possible prevention of this growing phenomenon. Suicidal risk factors are the circumstances and characteristics that are associated with suicide and that increase the likelihood that a person will try to take their own life. According to “American Foundation for Suicide Prevention,” those risk factors include, “health factors, mental health conditions, depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, and anxiety disorders, environmental factors such as stress related life events as well as historical factors that include family history of suicide, family history of mental health, and childhood abuse” (American Foundation for Suicide…

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