Essay about Suicide As An Act Of Self Depriving Our Own Life

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Suicide Each passing moment, millions of people on this planet have to fight disease, war, poverty ... to grab the lamp life from the hands of death. Meanwhile, there are things more terrifying than a plague or war, causing them to lose their inherent survival instincts to entrust everything to the wheel of life. According to the most recent data from the World Health Organization (WHO), the number who die from suicide is more than victims died from war and natural disasters combined. On average, every 40 seconds have elapsed, the victim has a life to end. Surely in certain tough times in life, especially if we 've ever been bullied at school, or if we think that we made the parents knocked down, perhaps we have once thought about suicide. We can say, suicide is considered an act of self-depriving our own life. Psychosis is considered one of the most common causes of the suicidal situation. One of the common symptoms of the disease is feeling depressed. Psychological diseases include bipolar disorder, anxiety, depression and schizophrenia. Anxiety can make us fear, our surroundings and that we do not adapt to changes in life. In some cases, anxiety maintains friendships, work, study, or hold a steady job to become extremely difficult. Then, a combination of loneliness and fear makes we think about suicide. Depression is considered a leading cause of suicide worldwide. Those who do not have the ability to deal with their symptoms of depression have the greatest risk…

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