Suicide And Suicide In William Shakespeare's Hamlet

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“Suicide is the tenth leading cause of death in the U.S. for all ages,” according to Suicide Awareness Voices of Education. Suicide is a real element that happens in people’s lives. In the play Hamlet, by William Shakespeare, the main character Hamlet refers to suicide commonly. After Hamlet’s father dies, he does not honestly know what to do. His father meant a great deal to him and now he does not know if there is anything to live for. Hamlet debates whether to commit suicide or live. Later, down the road when Ophelia passes, the readers are left wondering if Hamlet pushes Ophelia to the point of death or if it was her own free will. Shakespeare portrays the concept of suicide in Hamlet through Hamlet going mad and Ophelia dying. In the beginning of the play, Hamlet had a great attitude towards the world. Later, when his uncle Claudius poisoned Hamlet’s father, this becomes the beginning of depression for Hamlet. Hamlet became mad and wanted answers for why his father had died. It didn’t help him as much since his mother ended up marrying his uncle Claudius. Through this situation, it leads Hamlet to ask the question, does he actually want to live? The …show more content…
Hamlet does not realize that with his decisions, the consequences are bound to happen. Later, in the book Hamlet says, “I, from this time forth my thoughts be bloody or be nothing worth,” (4.4.68-69). In this quote, Hamlet is saying that his thoughts are now dwelling on blood. He does not even know what is right anymore. Since he went mad it causes his girlfriend and potential wife to break up with him. He does not realize that his madness pushed Ophelia away to the point of death, until he watches her be buried. At that point is when he feels sympathetic and feels like it is truly his fault. Hamlet always talks about suicide, but never actually commits to it, seeing he is afraid of where he will go, when he

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