Essay on Suicide Among Teenagers And The United States

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It has been recorded that in the year 2014, a startling number of 320,000 teens committed suicide in the United States (Suicide Statistics). In 2014, suicide was also the second leading cause of death in Americans within the age group 15-24 (CDC). I, unfortunately, had my best friend, Robyn Kirkham, attempt to take her life at the age of 16 and it was one of the most horrifying experiences I have ever had to undergo. She had been bullied constantly throughout middle and high school. One day, I was contacted by Aliyah Silva, one of Robyn Kirkham’s friends, and was asked if I knew if Robyn was still alive. Because I had not talked to Robyn in a few days, I was extremely confused. I then contacted Robyn Kirkham’s mother, Lynn Roberts, and she explained to me that Robyn had tried committing suicide by overdosing on pain medication. It is important to understand that suicide among teenagers is a growing issue in the United States. Depression and stressful life changing events may cause teens to feel like death is the only option they have; people in the United States should be able to identify the signs and symptoms so teen suicide can be avoided. Unfortunately, teen suicide is becoming more and more common in the United States. In 2000, approximately 240,000 teens committed suicide; in 2005, 270,000 teens committed suicide; and in 2014, approximately 320,000 teens committed suicide. This rate has been burgeoning for many different reasons. Research has shown that at least 90%…

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