Suicide : A Public Health Problem Essay

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In 1992, my cousin Justin took his own life at the age of 14. Now that I am old enough to understand what happened to my cousin, my eyes have been opened to the public health problem that is suicide. Since this issue is close to my heart, I decided to design a public health intervention plan that would help combat the suicide rates in my home state of Maine, and more specifically, strive to reduce differences in suicide rates by gender. In doing this I will examine suicide as a public health problem in the state of Maine, propose a possible intervention to increase protective behaviors, and discuss the trade-offs regarding individual liberties and societal costs that may be posed by the proposed intervention.
Suicide is a very serious public health issue in Maine. Not only is it the 10th leading cause of death, but it also kills almost seven times as many Maine citizens each year as homicide (DiCara). Be that as it may, it is important to keep in mind that suicide is not limited to just deaths. It is estimated that for every person who dies by suicide, 25 to 100 others attempted suicide (McIntosh). Both suicide attempts and completed suicides can cause obvious harm to the person themselves, as well as long-term emotional, financial, and social consequences for the victim and their family. That is why suicide is a public health issue that needs to be appropriately addressed.
Like with any public health problem, there are certain risk factors associated with…

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