Suicide : A Cause Death Essay examples

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There is a leading cause of death in America with numbers on the rise every minute. It is not cancer and it is not heart disease. Believe it or not, it is suicide. Suicide is a serious public health concern with devastating lasting effects that not only touches the one attempting suicide, but their family, friends, coworkers, community, and anyone involved. Suicide has no racial or gender biases, it does not matter how rich or poor someone is, it lays claim on its victims with no pity or afterthought. With the numbers that continue to grow, what is even more alarming is that there is a connection, this connection is with mental illness. Mental illness, it seems, is found in almost all cases of successful attempts at suicide (Mental Health America). If America can all come together and rid the stigmas that are associated with suicide, than we can work on understanding it better and ultimately preventing suicide. What is known about suicide falls far behind what is known with other life threatening conditions and diseases. The stigma associated with suicide has held crucial research behind, however, over the last 25 years scientists have started to uncover and somewhat understand the complex and far reaching factors that lead to suicide (American Foundation for Suicide Prevention). In 2009 suicide was one of the top 10 leading causes of death in the United States (Ferrari). Each year suicide claims somewhere around 30,000 lives in America which means it accounts for a little…

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