Essay on Suggestions Of Ways For Improving School Services

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Suggestions of ways to improve school services or experiences
After attending numerous schools and experiencing an array of school personnel, Mrs. Smith shared numerous suggestions of ways that schools can improve their services and experiences. Using Emily’s kindergarten and second grade year as a reference, Mrs. Smith talked about the importance of working with special educators who have had experience in the special education classroom. Experience can make all the difference, as they maintain a far greater set of tools to help meet student’s diverse needs. Additionally, she discussed the importance of maintaining an open line of communication between the teacher and parents. “Successful collaboration among adults in the school community requires regular, ongoing communication” (Vaughn, 2007). Hand in hand with communication, Mrs. Smith also stressed the importance and value of felling heard. Her frustration from kindergarten and second grade arose due in part to both a lack of communication and feeling of being unheard. She suggests that teachers should take the lead and initiate the communication between parents. Lastly, she emphasized the importance of seeing the child first, instead of the disability. She described her most challenging years working with the school as those when she worked closely with school personnel that viewed her daughter simply as a behavioral problem. Loving the child first and foremost goes a long way with parents and ultimately…

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