Essay about Suggestions For Success : Success

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Suggestions for Success Essay Success is thought of in different ways to different people. Some people think living a happy life is success while others think that making a lot of money is success. Success is the accomplishment of an aim or purpose. There are many different suggestions for success that will help people accomplish their goal or purpose and live a happy life. The three suggestions that I believe will help people achieve success is have a grateful heart, treat everyone you meet like you want to be treated, and reliance/ never give-up. Those are the suggestions for success I believe will help people achieve their purpose or goal in life. The first suggestion that will help a person achieve success is have a grateful heart. This means the person must be kind and caring. They must be thankful for what anyone does for them or what everyone gives them because that might be all they can give or do. Some people are not as fortunate as others so what they see as precious or expensive may be different from what others see as precious or expensive. That is why people need to have a grateful heart and accept everything that a person gives them and see that everything that someone does for them is important and they are trying their best to help you no matter how small the act is. A person with a grateful heart not only accepts whatever is done for them or given to them but also tries to help others as much as they can no matter what the problem they are facing. A person…

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