Essay On The Right To Vote For Women

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In the United Kingdom, an important democratic change was the right to vote for women. It might be obvious in the 21st century that women and men are politically equal but during the 20th century, a militant suffragist stepped in front of horses running a race and received fatal injuries only to acquire the right to vote. To overcome an established culture and gender stereotypes, women protested peacefully, had strong organizations and showed their productivity.

In the United Kingdom, just like any other country at the time, the gender stereotypes and the established cultures made the citizens believe that women were less skilled than men in various subjects. Men were advantageous and had more rights than women. People believed that women had a purpose in life, which was marry a man reproduce and serve their husband for the rest of their lives and this purpose should not be ignored. Women always had to listen to what men told them to do, they did not have the choice of what they wanted to do. Women were not only controlled by their husbands but by any male relative such as father and brother. Men had everything a woman had. When a man would marry a woman, he would get all her inheritance when women themselves could not even get a divorce
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“In 1928 the voting age for women was lowered to 21 to place women voters on an equal footing with male voters” (Encyclopædia Britannica, 300 Women Who Changed The World). Women continued showing their capacity of working. Then, the citizens realized how important this right to vote was for women because since they started fighting for it they never stopped. They tried their best to acquire their right to vote and to finally be equal to men. In result to this movement, women and men were equal on the right to vote. Finally, both genders were able to vote at twenty years

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