Suez Canal Crisis : An Overview Essay

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Suez Canal Crisis Israel Military
CSM Shahzad Khan Totakhil
United States Army Sergeants Major Academy
Class 66
CO1 Martin / Mr. Santiago 10 May 2016 1956 Suez Canal Crisis: Israel Military
The Born of Suez Canal
The 1869 Suez Canal plan started as a cooperation between the French and the Egyptian Government (, 1869). In 1854, French Diplomat, Ferdinal de Lesseps, succeeded to persuade the Viceroy of Egypt, Mohamed Said, into the creation of the canal through the desert between Africa and Asia. Due to this geographical change, the canal created the shortest link between the Mediterranean Ocean and the Indian Ocean. This theoretically and strategically became an important exchange route for merchant ships travel between Europe to Middle East and Asian. Surprisingly, in 1875, due to financial difficulties, Egyptian Ruler sold off his shares of the company to the GB Government. This strategic shift resulted to a power imbalance of allowing the British and French association to have the main control of the canal operations (Milner, 2011). To pass time Israel had been at war continually since its design in May of 1948. She had fought Egypt and other Arab nations in 1948-1949 and had been fighting an increasing number of Fedayeen terrorists based in the Gaza Strip and the Sinai Peninsula. Israel was surrounded by Arabs intent on demolition as a sovereign state. In 1954 Egypt seized a Israeli ship in the Suez Canal. It soon became clear that the U.N.…

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